last update: 22.07.2009
Project Management Team

    The Management Team (MT) represents the executive board of the Project where all decisions are made and all activities are coordinated. It has powers to take decisions on the allocation of resources, detailing/correcting the Project activities agenda and organizing dissemination activities.
    The MT comprises the Project Coordinator, the Project Manager, the Education & Training Manager, the Dissemination Manager and the Financial Manager. For the Project Management Team, experienced senior researchers from PPIMC were selected. All of them also possess long term experience in project management, organizing scientific meetings, international cooperation.

     Project Coordinator (PC) - Prof. Bogdan C. Simionescu (M), Director of the Institute; corresponding member of the Romanian Academy. The PC is responsible for the contract and for communicating with the European Commission. He will sign off on all reports and correspondence. In his double role of PC and Chairman of the Steering Committee, he will also ensure the connection between the Project MT and the SC. He will coordinate activities in support of the Project but which are not charged to the Project budget.

     Project Manager (PM) - Dr. Valeria Harabagiu (F), Head of the Department of Inorganic Polymers. The mandate of the PM is to coordinate all Project activities, to decide and implement corrective actions if necessary, to administer and share Project resources and to monitor Project spending.

     Education and Training Manager (ETM) - Dr. Ecaterina Stela Dragan (F), Head of the Department of Functional Polymers. The ETM will coordinate all activities related to training and mobility of personnel. The ETM will be also in charge with activities related to the management of knowledge.

     Dissemination Manager (DM) - Dr. Gabrielle Charlotte Chitanu (F), Head of the Department of Bioactive and Biocompatible Polymers. The DM is responsible for the organization of conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops intended to disseminate project results, construction of the project web portal and other dissemination activities e.g. by means of publications and various newsletters.

     Financial Manager (FM) - Raluca Andone (F): young lawyer. FM is responsible of the financial operation of the project according to the contract with EC and to Romanian financial legislation.